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Newington, CT
Date Band Formed: 2007-12-08


  • Mike Forgette: Guitar/Vox
  • Tim Moore: Drums/Vox
  • Gary Dionne: Bass/Back-Up Vox
  • Adam Clymer: Guitar
  • Angela Piccoli: Keys/Back-Up Vox
  • With the release of their debut album, 1974 & The Battle For The Lazer Fortress, the band 1974 made the jump from an unknown local CT band into the public eye. Their release was a full-length sci-fi concept epic, which the Hartford Courant calls "an ambitious effort, in concept and musicianship...an accomplished album from a young band worth watching." Citing influences such as Yes, The Beatles, Rush, and Jethro Tull, there's no hiding the fact that the band's sound is what the Hartford Advocate refers as "unashamed early prog worship." Though the band takes its time crafting complex time signatures and punchy guitar riffs, the music is sweetened by layers of catchy melodies that evoke modern influences such as Coheed and Cambria, Death Cab for Cutie, and The New Pornographers. The interwoven rock and pop facets created a recipe which propelled Lazer Fortress into CT.com's list of 2011's top 15 albums and earned the band the title of "Best New Band" in the Advocate's Grand Band Slam 2012.

    The lineup consists of the lanky Mike Forgette on guitar, the pony-tailed Tim Moore on drums, the huggable Gary Dionne on bass, the pensive Adam Clymer on guitar, and cat-lady Angela Rhea-Piccoli on keys. They are no strangers to work ethic; the members have exclusively written, recorded, produced, and mixed all of their own music up until now. Tireless in their pursuit of realizing their collective visions, the band remains a close-knit group of eccentric friends. On stage, this seemingly mismatched combination of personalities melds into an energetic spectacle that is as organic as it is mesmerizing. One can not write space odysseys without a sense of humor, and watching 1974 perform live is a great opportunity to see that quirky-comedic interplay and improvisational nature of the band.

    Armed with a back catalogue of unreleased songs and a vision for the next concept CD, 1974 is a band that never rests. With a desire to grow as writers and performers, the group is always working on a newer, bigger project.

    1974 was named the "Best New Band" in Connecticut in the Advocate/Weekly's Grand Band Slam 2012.  See their winner page on CT.com.

    Contact Info

    Email: weare1974@yahoo.com